My Favourite Signature Scents

I'm a huge fragrance junkie. Not even just with perfumes; I go out of my way to find cleaning products with nice scents, laundry detergents that don't smell synthetic and hair products without that generic shampoo odour. I've had many a strange look in the aisles of Boots and Asda when I've spent ages sniffing bottles of hair serum or surface cleaner, and I suspect that unique scent everyone has might subconsciously be a key factor in whether or not I pursue a friendship or romantic relationship with someone. I think that of all our senses, smell is the most emotive - so why not try to surround yourself in the best ones?

I am, therefore, a bit torn between the idea of having a signature scent and playing around with new perfumes all the time. I love to think of myself as having a really great and really personal scent - one people can recognise immediately as mine - but I also love to try new ones and hate to feel I'm limiting myself. For a few years I just wore whichever perfume I liked or was to hand that day, but then I got big into the idea of signature scents and wore the same perfume exclusively for a few years.

I've found a happy medium now though, I think - I have one perfume I wear regularly just because I love it, one that I wear regularly because it suits me so well, then a few others that I wear when the mood strikes or if I want to mix things up a little.

These two are the scents friends and family most associate with me:

D&G - La Roue De La Fortune
I spent a while deliberating whether or not I should even mention this, so dear it is to me. It's part of the Anthology collection, D&G's now discontinued unisex perfume range, but it's still available from various online suppliers. My mother bought this for me for Christmas in 2010 and said, "I know perfume is a risky gift but I think you'll like this". And I did, a whole lot. The first time I wore it on a night out with friends everyone told me that my perfume smelled great and, crucially, that it smelled like me - clearly it works well with my skin chemistry, and I think this is pretty much my perfect perfume.

The top notes are fresh and a little fruity (which actually isn't something I usually like), but it settles to a gorgeous warm base. I find it has strong notes of patchouli, benzoin and a hint of jasmine - it's sexy but has a low sillage and is light enough to wear as a daytime perfume. The Anthology range was D&G's budget perfume offering but prices for remaining stock seem to be slowly increasing. It's still affordable at around £30 for a 100ml bottle if you can get it, but don't put it off if you want to pick one up!

Lush - Lust
This one has sort of accidentally become a signature. Personally I don't think it suits me as well as the D&G, but I love it so much and wear it so much that it's just part of me now. The collection pictured is just over half of the bottles I've bought over the past few years, which gives an idea of how addicted I am to this scent. It's obnoxiously jasmine-y and before it settles is almost overpoweringly floral - even I still sneeze when I first spay it and the top notes are just pure concentrated flowers. There are hints of rose and vanilla to help mellow the jasmine, but they don't come through very strongly.

I find this scent sensual and pretty full-on, but also strangely soothing. I've sprayed it on my pillows at night to help me settle after a difficult day, and slightly pathetically have managed to get through some hangovers only by rubbing the solid version onto my wrists and sniffing all day in between sips of water and naps. It's available in a few different sizes and formulas, from £6 for the solid perfume to £48 for a 100ml bottle.
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  1. Replies
    1. Definitely worth a go, especially the solid version of Lust - so cheap it's almost rude not to :p x

  2. Lush - Lust is my dream. I don't know what's the reason I can' buy them for almost a year.


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