About Me

I'm unapologetic about my love of beauty and I feel sad when anyone actually does feel it necessary to downplay such a nice interest. I really believe that anyone who dismisses a passion for gorgeousness as superficial or frivolous is missing out on some of life's most easily attainable little pleasures.

I love smearing creams and colours onto my face but I also love the beauty of a solid glass perfume bottle, a well made chair, a dusty old book, a carefully prepared meal, a neatly made bed, a cat curled up in a perfect circle, a muddy pair of boots, the little purple flowers on a mint plant, a healthy body, a scuffed-up guitar, a silk shirt, an old photo album... I guess I'm just a really visual person.

The key thing for me is that whether it's a lipstick or a photo album, people often have a really important emotional connection to the things they like to look at, and rather than trying to teach myself to care less about how things look I'd prefer to have it both ways; relish the aesthetics and still ponder all the rest.

To to save my friends and family from being bored to death by my desire to endlessly talk about all these little bits of lovely, I decided to get involved in the blogging community to share the things I love and to find out more about what other people love.

I live in Cardiff with my son, my dog, a couple of cats and an ever expanding collection of cosmetic products.

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