Various models to choose from the Wide variety of Mattresses February 25, 2019 February 25, 2019 Ricky

Look, nowadays there are extra mattresses soft, soft, medium, firm and extra firm. And you do not have a rule to decide the ideal in this sense, so you can choose the model you prefer, okay? The ideal mattress is one that gives you a good lift, without sinking too much, but leaving you as comfortable as possible.

Density and size

The density of the mattress is the amount of foam it has for each cubic meter. The more density it has the more weight and pressure your mattress can handle! And to measure it, you have to take into account your weight and height, okay? To know more about Mattress Sales Houston Galleria, seek help online.

Springs or foam?

Spring mattresses are manufactured with both springs and foams, have you? So, they give lift, structure and comfort in the right measure! And the quality of a spring mattress is measured by the type of spring it uses, how it is placed inside it, and the quality of the spring. Look that


It is a spring that uses steel and carbon wires, materials that give more softness to the mattress. He’s good for people who like a mattress that gets a little deep when they lie down a long time, you know?


It is similar to Bonnel, but has more springs per square meter, joining a good molejo with firm structure. The result is a cushy mattress that does not sink when you lay it on.

Molas Bagged

It is one of the most sought after, especially for the couple, see? It is that when a person moves on one side of him, the other does not feel. The bagged springs also leave the mattress firmly in place! The more springs bagged and the higher the mattress, the better it is!


It is a mattress with many springs, which is ideal for people who are very tall or heavier, okay? It fits better to people’s bodies than other models, but it sways a lot! So, it’s more suitable for single beds.

LFK springs

This type of spring is perfect to hold people very tall or weighing over 110 kilos better, have you? It is very sturdy and 70% firmer than other models of springs.

The spring mattress is very comfortable

Mattresses with 100% foam inside it to support you, okay? He needs to be wellnourished to take his body without needing too much. So the trick is to see if your mattress has the “quality foam” seal, which guarantees that everything is right with it! Look at the main types of foam that exist

Foam Aglomerad is a simpler material, made of leftover foams attached with special glue. They are mattresses more in account and very practical to use from time to time at home or to take in outings.

Types of mattresses

It has several models of mattresses, with many materials and different heights, ok? But in addition to the heights, densities and the many types of springs and foams, there are other qualities that your mattress can have. And for you not to get lost with so many different names, look at the explanation for these terms

So, just turn the part on the headboard to the feet and vice versa every 30 days and it will stay straight for a long time!